Height6'5" Chest52" Waist44" Inseam32" Collar18.5" Sleeve39" Suit52" Suit LengthL Shoe15 US HairBlack EyesBrown
Korren Kirven is a public figure best known as a professional football player and 2 time National Champion of the Alabama Crimson Tide. During his football career, Korren has developed an eye for fashion.  Due to his flair for street-wear fashion, he has even been considered a “Hype Beast” by his many followers on social media. Korren was raised in central Virginia, but he currently resides in LA where he posts and shares his diverse style and love for designer fashion on Instagram. Although still in his early twenties, Korren is also quite a renaissance man. He is an artist with a specialty in sketching and drawing as well as a lover of music and film.